Can I stream (Cord Cutting) from my wireless phone or tablet?

Video streaming consumes a *lot* of data while activities such as email, social media, and web surfing do not. This means a fast home internet connection can easily allow video streaming, but high quality may not be so great on your (cellular) wireless connection.

“Mbps” means “Megabits per second” and it is the speed of your internet connection. Each television that streams video will consume about 8Mbps (8 Megabits per second). Any home internet service can easily provide the speed to stream on one or more televisions. However, wireless data speeds are often 5Mbps or less, and after streaming about two hours of video, a wireless provider may cut data speed in half for the remainder of the monthly service period. When the wireless company cuts the speed in half you’ll sometimes see lags in the video streaming (an hourglass or spinning circle).

Solution #1: If you have no home network, the simplest way to stream to a television from a wireless device is to connect an HDMI cable. Connecting an HDMI video cable varies by device and isn’t supported by all phones, tablets and wireless devices. the best way to find an HDMI cable for your specific wireless device is to use this search term:

Search for -> hdmi Cable [my wireless device model number]

Solution #2: Stream wirelessly to your TV using a Chromecast or ROKU streaming receiver connected to your phone or tablet as a WiFi hotspot. Some wireless devices allow you to switch on a “WiFi” hotspot which is mostly intended to provide a temporary wireless connection for a laptop computer or some other device, such as a streaming receiver. Keep in mind that when you move your wireless hotspot away from your home, or switch it off, then your hotspot is gone and the devices connected to it lose their connections. When this happens, you may need to manually reconnect your devices when your hotspot is made available again. The directions for using your specific devices as wireless WiFi hotspot, try this search:

Search for -> Enable Hotspot [my wireless device model number]

Solution #3: Consider a Tablo Connected DVR which has a wired connection to one TV in your home and allows you to record, rewind, fast forward, and pause over-the-air television. A Tablo DVR will also automatically skip commercials for a small monthly fee. So, you won’t get premium streaming services like Netflix or Hulu, but recording and time-shifting over the air programs can make your viewing more convenient and enjoyable. Read more about the TV-Connected Tablo at this link:

Tablo TV connected DVR lets you record, pause, reswind, fast forward over the air programs and needs an internet connection only for a few minutes every two weeks.

Solution #4: By law, cable companies must offer cheap internet to low income households. If your household qualifies as a low income then you might get home internet that is adequate for streaming for as little as $5 per month. To see if you qualify for cheap low-income internet search for:

Search for -> Low income internet
or search for -> Low income internet [my local internet provider name]

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