According to Fortune Magazine, the average cable subscriber pays $220 for internet service and cable television. If you can use an antenna for free local channels, your monthly bill could be as low as just $50/month for internet only which would save you $2,040 per year.

If you wanted to add some cable networks using the streaming service at $35 per month, you would pay $85 for Cable networks and internet, still cutting your costs and saving nearly in half, Saving you $1,620 per year.

Buy a 4K Roku or Firestick for each TV.

You’ll need a Roku or Firestick for each TV. This is the device that receives the streaming TV signals. We recommend you always buy the 4K version of a ROKU or Firestick because the 4K version has a better WIFI antenna which has a stronger, more trouble free, wireless connection.

You may now have $50/month Home Internet available.

Many homes are no longer limited to expensive “wired” internet services such as Comcast and Xfinity. In 2022, both T-Mobile and Verizon launched 5G wireless home internet which costs $50 per month at the most and even less if you also use their cell phone service (which is optional). Use the links below to find out if $50 per month 5G home internet is available at your address:

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet $50/mo

Verizon 5G Home Internet $50/mo

Get 60 local channels for free using an antenna

Did you know cable companies charge $200 more or year to provide local channels you can get for free with an antenna? Good indoor antennas start at about $20 and a professionally installed rooftop antenna can cost as little as $150. You can use an antenna DVR (Starting at $129) to send antenna signals from one antenna to every TV in your house that has a ROKU or Firestick. A lot of people, such as my mom in her 80’s, care only about local channels. She uses an antenna with an antenna DVR to record programs and she pays $0 for her TV.

Get your cable programming for only $35 per month

A streaming service called “Sling” provides a few dozen of the most popular cable networks for $35 per month. They also have add on services such as sports and additional movie channels for a few dollars more each month. Sling can inexpensively provide cable networks, and when using their $129 “AirTV” box, your local antenna channels are displayed in the same programming grid.

Sling for Cable networks $35/mo.

Get Local & Cable Networks using NO antenna.

If you can’t use an antenna for some reason, you are in a condominum or an apartment, for example, then you can choose a streaming service that provides both cable networks and local networks (no antenna needed). These services are more expensive starting at $65 per month because they have to pay the local networks for carrying them on their streaming service. They include

Pay extra for Regional Sports?

If you don’t care about Regional Sports then you can ignore this paragraph. Bally Sports is the owner of regional sports networks and they became so greedy with their fees that every streaming service dropped them except DirecTV Stream at $90 per month (for Regional Sports, Cable Networks and Local networks). Bally was supposed to introduce a stand-alone streaming service for $23 per month in early 2022, but now they expect to launch in June 2022.