#003: $15/mo. for 35+ channels, 50% will cut cable by 2024, DirecTV satellite phasing out, Fubo adds more sports, Avoiding cable sports to save $$$

This brief newsletter, presented by Chris Edwards and Chuck Eglinton, will explain how you can pay less each month the TV networks you currently watch and less for your internet service. You can save $800 to $1,500 per year by switching to cable TV alternatives and “right-sizing” your internet service. This is called “cord cutting” and millions of people are already saving money each year by doing it.  These are intended as “do-it-yourself” tips, but if you need help, drop us a line at CordCuttersPlus@gmail.com

In this issue: $15/mo. for 35+ channels, 50% will cut cable by 2024, DirecTV satellite phasing out, Fubo adds more sports, Avoiding cable sports to save $$$

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All of our tips below assume that you have internet service which may cost between $50-$70 per month depending on your internet speed and cost of service where you live.

1/ Only $15/mo for 35+ Live “cable” Channels AT&T WatchTV: (3/3/2020)  AT&T had suspended new subscriptions for this ultra cheap service for a while, but it’s back.  Channels include A&T, AMC, CNN, Hallmark, IFC, TCM, TLC, TV Land and others.  You’ll need an antenna or some other service for free local channels because at $15/mo., AT&T WatchTV doesn’t provide them. (AT&T WatchTV)

2/ Roku predicts half of US homes will have cut the cord and dropped cable by 2024: (02/21/2020) Roku made this claim in a letter to investors released with the company‚Äôs fourth quarter 2019 results. Roku sells software and hardware that enables consumers to stream internet video on their televisions typically at a lower monthly cost than cable.  (Impact Lab)  

3/  DirecTV’s (satellite)days are numbered: (3/7/2020) AT&T is no longer actively marketing the satellite TV service, which has seen subscribers fall by 4 million users.  AT&T will continue selling DirecTV satellite mostly in  rural or less dense suburban areas. but plans to convert other AT&T DirecTV users to internet streaming. (Chuck’s note: If you need to switch to streaming because you currently use satellite, be sure to consider all the streaming options, not just AT&T, because monthly prices vary greatly.) (USA Today)

4/ FuboTV Now Offers 11 Different Streaming add-ons:  (12/6/2020)  Fubo has probably the widest variety of sport options and is one of the few streaming services offering 4K (super high quality video) programming which you can’t get from most cable providers.  Fubo recently started offering 11 add-ins at $5/mo. each, including Latino programming, Sportsman programming, several cycling channels, college sports, and international sports.   Read more at the link that follows: (FuboTV Add-Ons)

5/ Rising cost of Cable & Streaming Sports: (03/02/20)  Some streaming services are expensive  because of the rising cost of ESPN and other sports programming.  The good news is that you can find streaming services priced between $15-$35 per month that don’t include ESPN and other expensive sports networks.  (Biz Journals

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